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SI Ship’s construction workshop:
SII Mechanic’s workshop:
SIII Carpenter's workshop:
SIV Painter’s workshop:
Ship's body (SI-SIV):

SI Armour plating (decks, inner bulkheads, etc):          9,165 mt
SI Hull side armour:                                                    5,149 mt
SI Bulkhead armour (at frames 10.5, 32, and 202.7):     372 mt
SI Barbette armour (4 x 38cm + 6 x 15cm):                 2,306 mt
SI Conning towers armour:                                   +       492 mt

    10,505 mt
        975 mt
        242 mt
  +    180 mt
   11,902 mt
Total armor plating (without turret armour):

MI Main Machinery (without fluids, oil, and water):
MII Auxiliary Machinery (without fluids, oil, and water):
Wa Artillery (Main & secondary turrets, AA mounts, rangefinders, etc.):
Wa Turret armour:
Aircraft installation, catapult (without planes):
Mining weapons:

Empty ship (Schiff Fertig Leer):

Fluids, oil, and water for MI Main machinery:
Fluids, oil, and water for MII Auxiliary machinery:
SII fluids:
Equipment (crew, provisions, nautical instruments, etc):
Artillery equipment:
MI Main machinery equipment:
Ammunition and equipment for mining weapons:
Aircraft, equipment and tools:

Type Displacement (Typverdrängung):

Drinking water (1.0):
Washing water (1.0) (without reserve):

Standard Displacement:1)

Furnace fuel oil (0.953) (without reserve):
Propulsion fuel oil (0.852):
Lubricating oil (0.92):
Aviation gasoline:
Boiler feedwater (0.9989):

Ship fully equipped:

Reserve fuel oil and washing water:

Maximum Displacement:
    17,484 mt

     3,085 mt
     1,360 mt
     4,744 mt
     1,598 mt
         72 mt
  +    4.5 mt

   40,250 mt

        260 mt
         62 mt
         33 mt
     1,023 mt
     1,490 mt
         97 mt
         77 mt
          6 mt
  +     15 mt

   43,313 mt

        155 mt
  +    510 mt

   43,978 mt

     6,194 mt
        527 mt
        275 mt
         34 mt
  +    752 mt

   51,760 mt

 +  1,726 mt

   53,486 mt

1) The standard displacement of a warship was defined in the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 as the displacement of the ship complete, fully manned, engined, and equipped ready for sea, including all armament and ammunition, equipment, outfit, provisions and fresh water for crew, miscellaneous stores and implements of every description that are intended to be carried in war, but without fuel or reserve feed water on board.
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