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Conference of the Commander in Chief, Navy with the Führer on 7 September 1939.

On 7 September the Commander in Chief, Navy, had a conference with the Führer on the following problems:

1. In view of the political and military restraint shown by France and the still hesitant conduct of British warfare, the Panzerschiffe should for the time being withdraw from their operational areas. Furthermore, it seems that British trade is being stopped and British naval forces are being sent on planned attacks against German merchant raiders. The risk is thus out of proportion with the chances for success.

2. In view of the political situation, the waiting attitude of France, the generally impartial attitude of the neutral countries, and the fact that the United States, at least outwardly, claims strictest neutrality, the following restrictions should be observed in submarine warfare:

3. The views of the Commander in Chief, Navy, on the political situation: The Führer agrees with the views and measures of the Commander in Chief, Navy, and makes the following decisions in addition: General policy: exercise restraint until the political situation in the West has become clearer, which will take about a week.

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