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On this pape you will find a large selection of photos of the battleship Bismarck during her whole career, including construction, sea trials, Atlantic sortie, and more. All photos are displayed in chronological order and numbered 001, 002, 003... Click on the images below to enlarge them.

The Construction of the Bismarck.

The Launching of the Bismarck
Bismarck in Dry Dock

The Testing Period.

battleship Bismarck leaving the Blohm & Voss shipyard, Hamburg
Bismarck in the Kiel Canal
Bismarck anchored in Kiel
Adolf Hitler Inspecting the Bismarck

Operation Rheinübung.

The Bismarck in Norway.

Bismarck in the Grimstadfjord, Bergen, Norway

The Battle of the Denmark Strait.

Captain Helmuth Brinkmann
Bismarck in battle opens fire
HMS Victorious Swordfish

Bismarck's final battle and sinking.

Sinking of the Bismarck
Sinking of Destroyer Mashona

Other Photos.

The Grimstadfjord, Bergen, Norway
Battleship Rodney
Battleship King George V
18 inch MK XII torpedo
Spanish Heavy Cruiser Canarias
Prinz Eugen Collision
Scharnhorst Torpedo Damage
Launching of Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin
Courageous Sinking
Glowworm under fire
Hipper Mountain Troops

Bismarck Paintings.

Battleship Bismarck Book
The Battleship Bismarck.
The Complete History
of the Ship.

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