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If you like to write we will be more than glad to publish your articles here at KBismarck.com. Articles must be original and have at least some kind of own research. We are mainly interested on naval articles dealing with the history the Kriegsmarine and the war at sea during World War II, although we also accept articles on modern naval warfare in general. Articles about historical facts, technical features, and even hypothetical scenarios are welcomed. Send them preferably in .doc files and include a list of sources if possible. The webmaster reserves the right to publish any submitted article.


 · The Sinking of HMS Hood. (3.44 MB PDF File). By Dr. Paul Cadogan. An examination of the timing of her fatal hit.


 · The Story of the Torpedoing of the Bismarck. By Mark E. Horan. Read all about the men who piloted the obsolete "Stringbags" and managed to disable our powerful battleship.

 · The Denmark Strait Battle, May 24th 1941. (690 Kb PDF File). By Antonio Bonomi. A detailed analysis of the famous engagement.

 · Marine Arsenal 6. The Armor of German Warships 19201945. (2.8 MB). By Siegfried Breyer. The development of German naval armor and its use on the different ships of the Kriegsmarine. Originally written in German by Siegfried Breyer and now available in English language. This is a ZIP file for download that contains a PDF.

 · Heavy Armor plates for Warships. (810 Kb). This article examines the various elements that affect the resistance of heavy armour plates against shells. Originally written in German by B. Hoyer in 1943 and now available in English language. This is a ZIP file for download that contains a PDF.

 · Bismarck's Final Battle. (OFF SITE LINK). By William H. Garzke and Robert O. Dulin, Jr.

 · The Pursuit of Bismarck and the Sinking of H.M.S. Hood. (OFF SITE LINK). By Frank Allen and Paul Bevand.

 · The Loss of HMS Hood. A Re-Examination.. (OFF SITE LINK). By William J. Jurens.

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