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There are several methods in which you can help KBismarck.com website:

1. Feedback. You can simply show your support leaving a message in the guestbook, submitting your vote in our monthly poll, and above all participating actively in the forum.

2. Contributing new material to the site:

    2.1. Graphics, paintings, drawings, photos, etc. Would you like to have your nice drawings or 3D graphics displayed in the site? Do you want to share original photos with us? We are always interested in this kind of items. By contributing your art you will also be showing it to thousands of visitors from all over the world.

    2.2. Memories, letters, documents, etc. My grandfather served on board the heavy cruiser Dorsetshire during the Bismarck chase, what can I do to help? If one of your relatives is/was a veteran, on either the German or British side, send us their memories, stories etc. This kind of information is most helpful, and any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

    2.3. Related articles. If you like to write we will be more than glad to publish your articles here at KBismarck.com. Articles must be original and have at least some kind of own research. We are mainly interested on articles dealing with the history of the battleship Bismarck, although we can also accept articles on other warships and modern naval warfare in general. Articles about historical facts, technical features, and reviews of warship models are most welcome. Send them preferably in .doc files and include a list of sources if possible. The webmaster reserves the right to publish any submitted article.

3. Helping afford the monthly costs of maintaining the site on-line. KBismarck.com is a free site with open access to all, but unfortunately it is not free to maintain such as our old and first home Geocities, and the webmaster is the only person who is financing everything. Therefore if you would like to help covering these costs you can do it in two ways:

    3.1. Buying books through the links of the site. KBismarck.com is affiliated with Amazon.com which is probably the largest on-line store in the world, and every time you buy a book, video, DVD, game, or anything from our site, we receive a small 5-7% average commission.

    3.2. Buying items from the Ship's Store, where you can acquire t-shirts, mugs, caps, postcards, and other related items at a reasonable price.

    3.3. Making a monetary donation. Instead of having to buy a book you can also contribute with a direct monetary donation. For our on-line transactions we use PayPal which is utilized by more than 60 million users worldwide, and it is considered one of the safest and most secure methods to transfer money via credit card on the Internet. If you are a frequent visitor/user of this site, please consider supporting us with a monetary donation. To do so click below on the PayPal icon.

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